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Category: Product Updates

Tired of Sloppy Handwriting? Five Benefits to a Paperless Hiring and Screening Platform.

The hiring process can be tedious. Generate an eye-catching job description. Sift through dozens, or hundreds, of applications. Decipher WHAT ON EARTH is written on said applications. Enter candidates’ information into data collection system. Find storage for applications, resumes and cover letters (there’s room in a back closet somewhere, right?). And that’s all before interviews

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NAPBS approved: Does your current Credit Reporting Agency bear this seal?

Protect My Ministry, as a subsidiary of its parent company Active Screening, has successfully established compliance with the (NAPBS) National Association of Professional Background Screeners!  This industry recognition acknowledges achievements including: – Commitment to excellence, accountability, growth & professionalism – Proof of adherence to the industry’s strictest professional standards – Ethical business practices – Compliance

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Child Safety Training Update

In today’s world, it is vital to your organization and the safety of the children in your care that every precaution is taken to prevent cases of abuse and neglect. Churches strive to be a place of acceptance and love and far too often that makes it easy for predators to get in and leave

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The Heat Is On

The summer heat is already upon us (at least it is if you are south of the Mason-Dixon) and as we get further into the season the temperature isn’t the only thing that is going to heat up. For many church volunteers and staff the pressure of activities and church events can feel like a pressure

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Implementing Background Checks in your Church 101

I imagine the worst-case scenario for many churches would look something like this: you receive a phone call from one of the members in the congregation informing you that their child has been abused by one of the youth ministry volunteers. To make matters worse the parents are so furious they demand that the church be

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3 Reasons for Paperless Background Checks

A few years ago a good friend of mine was at a child safety training workshop at his church learning about the procedures and policies they had in place to ensure a secure environment for their children. The pastor spent some time discussing the security cameras, elaborate child check in procedures, and details on how

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