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Activate Social Screening
for EXTRA Protection

When your ministry screens social media and the online behavior of volunteers and staff, you get a much clearer understanding of their values. But, it's critical that you stay compliant with the laws in place to prevent discrimination.

Our social intelligence solution is the only social media background screening service to be reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission. The report we provide is designed to automate social media screening workflows and make them fair.

Don't Put Your Children Or Organization At Risk!

Social Media Screenings can help prevent problems in these areas of concern for ministries

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Hostility, Harassment, & Bullying


Safety of Staff, Volunteers & Your Congregation


Negligent Hiring Practices & Lawsuits


Risk of Bad Publicity

Protect My Ministry's Social Screening Solution Goes Beyond Background Checks


Automated Analysis

Our methodology leverages 10 years of data for a top down approach that includes both an automated and human analysis of millions of publicly available platforms, media sources, unique websites and databases.


Privacy & Safety

Your social screening report is designed to protect you. We redact protected class information and prevent employers from unintentionally applying bias.


Actionable Results

Developed by experts in the employment law field our report focuses on business related identified behaviors, marrying context and content for legally defensible decision making.


Accurate, Relevant Data

No irrlevant results or lengthy review process. See what's relevant to your organization quickly without the noise of unusable data.


Cutting Edge Technology

Our proprietary algorithm and workflow automation platform enables an efficient and accurate analysis of all types of media–text, images, and videos–in the appropriate consideration of context–parody, sarcasm, or innuendo.


User Compliance

No scraping, bots or misuse of user data. We partner with social media platforms to ensure compliance with user terms and conditions.


Beyond Screening

We provide personal touch customer support and adjudication training on how to apply online data to your screening workflow, code of conduct, and policies.


Comprehensive Insight

Every report includes an analysis and categorized supplemental data of publicly available problematic content in the context in which it was shared.

Did You Know That...

  • 70%

    of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates during hiring process

  • 48%

    of employers check up on current employees on social media

  • 34%

    of employers have reprimanded or fired an employee based on content found online

Why you should use a professional social media screening service as part of your risk management plan

  • search engine

    A couple hours "going down the rabbit hole" can get expensive, inconsistent, and messy!

  • authentication

    By viewing "protected" and sensitive information that cannot be considered when making hiring decisions, hiring managers are putting their ministries and organizations at risk.

It's time to take due diligence online. Use a team you can trust to protect your ministry and the people you serve.