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3 Reasons for Paperless Background Checks

A few years ago a good friend of mine was at a child safety training workshop at his church learning about the procedures and policies they had in place to ensure a secure environment for their children. The pastor spent some time discussing the security cameras, elaborate child check in procedures, and details on how to spot signs of child abuse – all very valuable tools in a child protection policy.

As the session came to a close everyone was asked to fill out a background check authorization form and put them in a bin on their way out the door. As my friend, who has a professional security background, completed his form and dropped it in the bin he later confided in me that he was uncomfortable dropping a piece of paper in an open-lid box when that piece of paper contained his full legal name, date of birth, and social security number on it. That information is all anyone would need to open a credit card in his name and steal his identity, but what choice did he have?

Protect My Ministry recognized this as a problem several years ago and created Ministry Mobilizer, a completely paperless system that allows churches to process background checks online without the need for a paper application. Here are 3 reasons paperless is the best way to go:

1. Convenience

For the church and the volunteer, being able to submit an application online from the privacy of your home is much easier than filling out a paper form. And the church doesn’t have to enter any of the volunteer information since it is electronically sent to an online account for the church. The background check can then be ordered with the click of a button making your life much easier.

2. Security

Many people just like my friend are nervous about leaving their information on a paper form in a filing cabinet that can be accessed by others, even if it is locked. Having no paper forms on-site at the church will put many of your volunteers’ minds at ease.

3. Speed

I remember sitting in a volunteer meeting one Sunday after church going over new safety procedures. We walked through several handbooks and we were given our paperwork to take home, fill out, and bring back the following week. I wish I could say I was a responsible adult in this situation, but unfortunately I cannot. And according to the many of the church employees I talk to neither can a lot of other volunteers. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s still on a desk somewhere…two years later. Being able to fill something out quickly and conveniently online makes your volunteers much more likely to complete the necessary paperwork in a timely manner.

So if you are tired of filing paperwork, data entry, and collecting dozens or even hundreds of forms, give us a call. We can help!


Please visit our Background Checks page for more information.

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