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The Top Three Things Customers Desire From a Screening Firm (And Why Protect My Ministry Aces at All of Them)

We live in a fast-paced society. From 24-hour grocery markets to flash online sales, we want things available to us anytime, anywhere, anyhow. That’s tough stuff for businesses. How do you consistently provide a top notch product or best-in-class service when you’re stretched to your limits in terms of production costs, manpower, and the litany of other pressing matters that you MUST deal with NOW.

Protect My Ministry gets your struggle. We know how important it is for businesses to stay at the head of the class, and we understand why immediate access is crucial for clients. After all – we’re not only business people ourselves, we’re also customers. Here’s a breakdown of the top three things customers desire from a screening firm and why Protect My Ministry delivers the best solutions.


There is nothing more annoying than getting piled under a mound of paperwork that you can never find time to work      through. Add to that the daily interruptions of office life (phone calls, meetings, email!) and you start to see how some days it can feel like you didn’t get anything done. Have you ever just walked out of work and thought – “Where on earth did my day go?” 

Anything that is truly a time-saving solution is a welcomed addition to any workplace, and nothing saves more time than our Ministry Mobilizer. This paperless, automated system tracks your applicants (employees AND volunteers) from the moment they apply to when they finally complete their child safety training. Ministry Mobilizer is the most efficient online application and authorization tool you’ll find in the ministry screening industry. The fully integrated and legal online application and background authorization form captures volunteer applications from your website, reduces paperwork, and improves accuracy. The application questions can be tailored to your organization’s needs and custom branded with logo to match your website.

The best part about Ministry Mobilizer is that it saves your applicants and volunteers time, too. They no longer have to wait for you to finally get to the bottom of that pile of paper on your desk before you can process their application and move forward with their background check authorization. You both get fast results right from the start!!


It can be a real downer when the Next Big Thing turns out to be a real change chomper. You were promised the moon and stars but all you got was a big bite into your annual budget. Managing your spending AND investing in new screening technology can seem like a tough sell – how can these two things possibly work out? Trust us – they can.

Here’s how.

Our screening solutions are paperless and information is stored online. Translation: You no longer have to pay tons of cash in printing, storing and retrieving information. In most organizations, going paperless can save more than $500 per person per year in paper, toner, ink, printers and their maintenance. Not to mention the money you’ll save not having to store, or shred, all these documents anymore either. Think about all the offices who’ve had to expand, or hire new employees, just to handle the paper trail. It’s mind-boggling and totally unnecessary when you consider how seamless Protect My Ministry’s online screening solutions are.

In fact, by moving to a paperless system you may find that you have even more room in your budget to put toward that item your congregation has steadily been fundraising for.



Hopefully by now we’ve saved your sanity because of the bang up job we’re doing by saving you time and money. But in case you need one more reason to email one of our expert team members  here it is – our customer service is exemplary. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:

“Ministry Mobilizer gives us faster access to background information and has allowed us to speed up the hiring process.We enjoy quick response, accurate information, and like the price structure.” – Marlene Haddock, First Baptist Church

The background screening process can be very frustrating and costly when handled in the wrong manner. Protect My Ministry has provided our organization with the proper technology to expedite our reporting, archived information for easy retrieval and review, customer service that’s prompt and easy to work with, and all at an affordable price. More so than that, we appreciate their commitment of faith, and to empowering other organizations in their ministry endeavors.” – Rick Braschler, Kanakuk Kamps

“Online is saving us a large amount of time now. The results are more in depth than before, customer service is excellent.” – Susan Tennyson, Prestonwood Baptist Church

We’ve listened carefully to ministries and other faith-based organizations when you’ve come to us searching for the right screening company with which to partner. Sometimes you’re looking for the most cost-effective solution. Other times you need online integration and training. And then there are those moments when only the most reliable and friendly customer service will do. No matter what your top priority is, we’re here to listen and help you find the solution that’s right for you.