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Individual Background Check Services

Address History

The Address history search searches a combination of pre and post Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act credit header data from some of the largest credit reporting agencies, along with other data points from consumer and government databases to gather information about an individual based on their Social Security Number.  The information includes Name, Aliases, DOB, Death Index Indicator and Addresses Used by Name and Date.

Credit History Report

This service provides a copy of an applicant’s prior credit history. This automated search is interfaced between our web-based software and TransUnion’s credit files. The information included in this report includes charge-offs, collection accounts, bankruptcies, balances, and monthly payments. This information is exceptionally important when dealing with an applicant that will be entrusted with handling assets and finances.

Motor Vehicle History Report

This automated service contains a summary of the applicant’s state motor vehicle record. This service verifies if the applicant possesses a valid license, and if they have had any derogatory driving history. This information is important for purposes of insurance/liability. This service is provided instantly through an automation of our web based software and our MVR provider.

National Criminal and OFAC Search

This service includes an FCRA Compliance Verification for positive matches, using a name & date of birth search of a national criminal database. This national database search is a comprehensive database providing access to the largest source of criminal data available, including millions of offense records. The national search is a valuable information resource that may discover convictions in counties not identified in a Social Security Trace or Credit History Report. This service includes an Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) search, and FBI Most Wanted/Terrorist Watch Lists search.

Nationwide Sex Offender Search

Nationwide search of all 50 states’ violent offenders and sexual offender registries (SOR).

County Criminal Records Search

This service is a name check for any criminal history (felony and misdemeanors where available) at the county level. Based on the zip codes that an applicant provides and in conjunction with the zip codes found from the SSN trace, counties to be searched are established. These search requests are fulfilled either through an extensive national network of researchers, or by utilizing direct access to county court records. The standard county criminal search period is 7 years. Mandatory court fees are charged separately.

Statewide Criminal Records Search

This service is a name check for any criminal history at the state level repositories. Not all states are available, and the completeness of the records varies per state repository. Mandatory court fees are charged separately.

District Federal Criminal Records

This service is not the same as an FBI search. This search is a name check for any criminal history at the Federal District repositories (federal crimes).

Drug Screening & MRO

Drug Screening Services

This service is a lab collected and Medical Review Officer (MRO) tested 5 panel (or 10 panel) drug screen. We provide this service through the outsourcing services of LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics.

Verification Services

Employment Verification

This service verifies dates of employment, last position held, eligibility of rehire, job performance, and reason for leaving. Verifications are retrieved either by phone to appropriate employer contact, facsimile, email, or via web based fee services. The standard scope for employment verifications is 7 -10 yrs.

Education Verification

This service verifies an applicant’s academic history and credentials to include the date the applicant received their degree, the type of degree earned, whether the degree has been earned or is in progress, and major of study.

Professional Reference

This service provides the client with more substantial information regarding an applicant’s work performance, as well as his/her character. This service is fulfilled by a phone interview or via email with the reference form provided by the applicant. We provide a template of basic questions; however, we also allow our clients the opportunity to provide their own standard list of questions.

Professional License Verification

Verify the licensing status of a doctor, contractor, accountant, lawyer, or other professional to protect your business against potential fraud or malpractice. Use Professional Licenses to search the licensing agencies of various states across the U.S. to find types and statuses of licenses issued to a wide variety of professionals including architects, tax preparers, engineers, physicians and contractors based on available jurisdictions.