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The Heat Is On

The summer heat is already upon us (at least it is if you are south of the Mason-Dixon) and as we get further into the season the temperature isn’t the only thing that is going to heat up. For many church volunteers and staff the pressure of activities and church events can feel like a pressure cooker.
Vacation Bible School, camps, mission trips; the to-do list goes on and on. And while all the summer activity is a blessing for the participants, it can also become a heavy burden on the staff and volunteer base. One question that has to be addressed every summer is the issue of child safety – How can your church make sure you are providing a safe and secure environment while still having fun? Protect My Ministry is here to help! Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you are setting policies up for the summer:
  1. Safety in numbers – Adult workers should not be alone with a student or child. Having this policy in place will accomplish two things: First it will be a roadblock for anyone trying to gain private access to children where inappropriate conduct could occur. And second it ensures that no one could falsely accuse your staff member or volunteer because there is always someone else in the room to monitor what is going on at all times.
  2. Screening – Anyone having access to children or youth needs a background check – period. This is not just for the safety of the children, but also a part of the due diligence for the church to protect itself.
  3. Training – Do your volunteers know how to spot signs that inappropriate behavior may be happening outside the confines of a church? Do they know how to handle a situation if a child is abused or claims to be abused? Protect My Ministry offers comprehensive child safety training that covers all these areas and more.
Don’t let safety be a burden this summer. Our mission at Protect My Ministry is to specialize and be a valuable resource in this area of your ministry so you can focus on spreading the gospel with the confidence that those in your care are safe and protected.

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