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Online Child Safety Training now available through our Certified Integration Partners

Protect My Ministry is excited to announce that all churches and organizations that currently use our Certified Integration Partners will also have the ability to request our online child safety training.  Although our training has been available in the past, it required churches that use management software like Fellowship One or Shelby to log in to our site separately.  This process created extra steps that were less user-friendly.

Through our new and completely integrated process, Protect My Ministry has added the ability for you to simply click a button and, in addition to ordering your background check, a video link to our online training will be sent to your applicant’s email address. Our 90 minute cutting-edge training will educate your volunteers on how to identify and prevent potential child abuse and neglect. Through interactive, scenario-based training your volunteers will learn how to identify grooming patterns of predators, understand the behavioral characteristics of a child that has been abused, and how to recognize and properly report suspected problems. In addition, many church insurance companies have offered discounts on their liability coverage to churches that have a process in place to routinely train their volunteers. Because Protect My Ministry believes that training is an imperative part of a comprehensive child protection policy, we have waived all per-person fees that many other companies charge for similar solutions.

We hope that you will take advantage of this newest service offering from Protect My Ministry. Please visit the link here to see a full list of our Certified Integration Partners.  If your church management software is not listed please contact your provider and tell them you want integrated background checks and child safety training and you know just the company to do it!