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An App for Disaster

In today’s world, we are always looking for what is easiest, fastest, or most convenient. Often we learn that path of least resistance is not always the correct path. While Protect My Ministry heavily focuses on making the background screening process as simple as possible, there are obligations that the company has committed to meeting for clients. Unfortunately, not all companies are as concerned in this regard.

“Earlier this year, an enterprise that sold criminal record reports via mobile apps agreed to settle FTC charges that it operated as a consumer reporting agency without taking consumer protection measures required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)…” (Richard Raysman, Holland and Knight LLP). By developing a mobile device app, this company presented an easy way to order and retrieve screenings, drawing in clients based upon the accessibility. However, by neglecting FCRA guidelines and mandates set for the company and the end users, this company not only provided a disservice but also broke the law.

According to Raysman, “the company failed to maintain reasonable procedures to verify their users, confirm that the information would be used for a permissible purpose, ensure that the information sold was accurate and would be used legally, and inform users of their reports about their obligations under the FCRA…” The majority of consumer reporting agencies may fail to inform their clients that they too have obligations that must be met in the screening process.

Protect My Ministry strives to be the credible source in the consumer reporting industry. The company has made it simple to find the requirements by which it must abide, as well as all the resources that clients will need to fulfill their obligations as end users. Please see the links provided below to view the process each screening goes through in order to meet FCRA requirements, as well as some valuable client resources. Protect My Ministry has a knowledgeable staff that is well-versed in FCRA requirements, with a readily available client support team capable of helping clients understand their roles in the process.

Client Support

Protect My Ministry’s Screening Process

The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Notice to Users of Consumer Reports

Other Resources

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