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Training Is the Key

Taking every precaution possible to ensure that children, volunteers, and the vision of your organization are protected is Protect My Ministry’s priority. It is crucial that every organization proactively orders background screenings on each and every person that may come in . However, the society in which we live today demands greater measures of safety. Protect My Ministry can provide a multitude of screenings to ensure that the candidates your organization is enlisting to work with children, volunteers and peers are exactly who they say they are. But in addition to these screening options, safety training is a necessary tool to ensure that the volunteers in your organization are fully prepared to protect themselves and your organization.

We have found that many organizations do not take the precautions by training their candidates, simply because the resources are not readily available. Protect My Ministry has seen this need and filled it. With any Bundle Subscription through Protect My Ministry, you will receive a free Child Safety Training credit simply by ordering a background screening on an applicant. This credit can be used at any time; in unison with a background screening order, or thereafter.

This Child Safety Training is an online video series. Each area covers the statistical need for training and child abuse awareness.  This training course will educate your team, creating a culture of awareness in your organization. Knowing what to look for will not only protect the children entrusted to your organization, but also protect your personnel against accusations.

Please take the time to contact us regarding Child Safety Training, if it is not currently implemented into your screening process. Ordering and viewing of the training is done online, making it as easy as possible. Protect My Ministry is striving to be the creditable source for your organization’s protection.

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