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Preventative Measures

No organization wants to face the daunting task of denying a candidate’s request to volunteer or work. Often there can be a large amount of liability in the action of declining a candidate. The only way to ensure that your organization is legitimately handling these circumstances is to develop a policy. A pre-approved policy by your insurance provider and legal council will establish a foundation on which you can stand, regardless of the rejection’s severity.

Protect My Ministry has provided the two main portions of your protection process; child safety training and background screening. However, at the point of rejecting a candidate, the policy must be developed by your organization. In compliance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, an organization must comply with documentation pre-adverse action, which Protect My Ministry has provided here.

Do not begin the background screening process without first knowing your organization’s action plan for any disqualifying results you may encounter.  In the development of this policy, you will be able to further eliminate room for liability.

If you have further questions regarding the background screening process, adverse action, or developing a screening policy, please contact us.