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Most of the time, staff members and volunteers inside of your organization are juggling multiple hats. The representative handling the background screening process for your organization has probably already experienced the tedious task of collecting consent forms from your candidates. Everything from wasting time tracking down candidates who have not returned their forms to supplying forms to new candidates can be taxing. In addition to the inconveniences of supplying, tracking, and collecting brought on by consent forms, they can also prove to be a liability. Keeping a collection of confidential and sensitive information in an onsite file or on a representative’s desk is a large liability.

Protect My Ministry has provided a solution for both problems. We call it our Paperless Solution.

The paperless solution offers offsite backups, data security, and 24/7 accessibility to all the personnel files and records for your volunteers and staff. Here are some other great tools provided by our Paperless Solution:

  • – Online background check authorization & online forms
  • – Online policy & applicant agreement
  • – Create custom categories/stages for applicants
  • – Keep notes and upload documents
  • – Automated notifications for new applications
  • – Unlimited secure online storage of documents

Find out more about Protect My Ministry’s Paperless Solutions here.

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