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3 Reasons for Paperless Background Checks

A few years ago a good friend of mine was at a child safety training workshop at his church learning about the procedures and policies they had in place to ensure a secure environment for their children. The pastor spent some time discussing the security cameras, elaborate child check in procedures, and details on how

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Common Background Check Myths Part 2

Protect My Ministry currently serves over 5,000 different faith-based organizations in all 50 states, so we see a lot of situations and run into questions about these issues on a regular basis. So this month we will continue our investigation into more common mistakes or misconceptions many churches have regarding background checks: Myth # 3

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Common Background Check Myths

Protect My Ministry reaches out to hundreds of churches every week and in that process we hear stories from churches of every denomination, tradition, and philosophy. The most common truth about volunteer background screening we encounter is this: churches often do not know exactly what they are getting when they do a background check on

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Screening for VBS

Protecting Our Children in the Modern World Does your church have a vacation bible school planned for this summer? As the spiritual landscape of our country changes one thing that has remained consistent is the impact of vacation bible school. A little over 100 years ago, VBS began in New York and slowly became a

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Sexual Abuse of Children is a Growing Problem

The sexual abuse of children is a growing problem in nearly every area of society — including churches and ministry organizations. To ensure childrens safety, many congregations and organizations are taking a closer look at adults who interact with children. In its Sept. 8-10 trustee meeting in Atlanta, Ga., the International Mission Board extended its

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