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Protect My Ministry and Servant Keeper have Partnered Together to bring you Discounted Background Checks and Paperless Solutions

Protect My Ministry is a Servant Keeper Contract Provider offering reduced pricing for employment and volunteer background screening services. In order to implement proper risk management practices for protecting the league, children and youth, the screening of every staff and volunteer person should include a criminal background check.

Ministry Mobilizer, our “All in One” Paperless Screening Solution for background checks, requires no technical expertise. There is no software to install and you get 24/7 access from anywhere with an internet connection. A few key benefits of using Ministry Mobilizer:

  1. No paperwork – Get rid of paperwork with online sign-up. Ministry Mobilizer provides you with a customized link that you can send directly to your staff and coaches and/or place on your Servant Keeper website.
  2. No data-entry – The online background check form can be filled out by your volunteers, which means no data-entry and improved time-savings.
  3. Secure storage – Ministry Mobilizer automatically and securely stores the sensitive information from the checks. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about filing or storage of private information such as SSN’s.
  4. Online Payments – If you don’t have the budget to run background checks, Ministry Mobilizer makes it easy for your staff and volunteers to pay for their own background checks online. (Additional fees may apply)

Through our partnership, we are able to offer your church discounted background checks through convenient and affordable options. To learn more about Protect My Ministry and discount pricing, please contact us (800) 319-5581.

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