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Partner: Paylocity

Human Resources & Payroll to simplify your church functions

Paylocity is the HR & Payroll provider that frees you from the tasks of today, so together, we can spend more time focused on the promise of tomorrow.

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Protect My Ministry and Paylocity, a Match Made in Heaven

Streamline Your Onboarding Process

Get started quickly with our self-service onboarding flow. Once credentialed, run background checks directly from Paylocity's recruiting module - reducing manual input and decreasing time to serve.

Improve Compliance and Turnaround Times

Our integration takes the guesswork out of being compliant. Once you click order, we send an email to the applicant that captures the personal information needed to run a background check as well as signatures on all legally required consent forms. We follow up with the applicant and verify that the information we receive is accurate which enables faster turnaround times and ensures improved compliance.

Background Checks Right for You

Our most-ordered background check packages are pre-loaded into your Paylocity account through the integration. If you want to customize by role or location, simply create custom packages within the Protect My Ministry dashboard and they automatically flow into your Paylocity account.

Screening You Can Trust

You will be able to choose from one of our pre-set packages and create and save your own custom packages.


Starting at

  • Multistate Criminal Search
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • SSN Trace
  • One Countywide Criminal Search (Auto Populated)


Starting at

  • Multistate Criminal Search
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • SSN Trace
  • One Countywide Criminal Search (Auto Populated)
  • Unlimited Federal by District Search (Auto Populated - 7 yrs)

Our Most Used Add-Ons

It's easy to add additional screens to packages.
Motor Vehicle Report

A name, date of birth and driver's license number search for all available traffic citations and serious violations for an applicant in a given state. Includes tickets, DUI, DWI, revocations, suspensions, date of expiration, state of issuance, and restrictions.

Credit Report

A name, date of birth and social security number based retrieval of all known credit history for an applicant. Includes all known tax liens, collections, open accounts, accounts under bad debt collection, inquiries and date of birth confirmation. Restricted in many jurisdictions to applicants with specific fiduciary responsibilities.

Federal Felony and Misdemeanor

A name and date of birth search of federal court records for an applicant. Includes all available, reportable Federal records, including criminal records and other records from the district and appellate courts.


Not sure which is right for your ministry?
Schedule a consultation with our background screening experts.


*Mandatory state, court, or jurisdictional fees may apply.

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"We have benefited from knowing that we are not exposing the communities we work with or ourselves to unnecessary risk. We continue to have a perfect record in that we have never had a serious incident with a trip participant causing harm or acting inappropriately with any community member or fellow team member - thank goodness!"H.L. Living Water International