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International Mission Board

The IMB has contracted with Protect My Ministry to provide background checks at a discounted price.
This discounted price is available to all IMB partners and may be used for missions, as well as your church’s children’s ministry and other volunteer ministries. Protect My Ministry’s Ministry Mobilizer is a paperless solution designed exclusively for ministries to mobilize volunteers. With this system your ministry will be able to interview your applicants online, collect volunteer forms online and process background checks at the click-of-a-button.

All fees for Ministry Mobilizer have been waived for IMB partners (normally $599/year). The only costs are for the background checks, which are charged per volunteer.

Background Check Options:

Some states require additional fees for mandatory (state or county) court fees, so please review your state to determine your costs.

  • Plus Package – Same as Basic, plus (1) County or Statewide Criminal Court Search (plus mandatory court fees).  See our consultation map for states that recommend this package.
  • 7-Year Auto Package – Same as Plus with a 7-year unlimited county search based on the past 7 years of address history.

Select the background check package that′s recommended for your state.

Registration Options:

  • Option 2. Register as a Team Leader if you only need to screen for a “single mission trip”. A one-time $39 registration fee is required.

Post Registration Instructions:

  • Please allow up to three (3) business days for your account to be setup. If you have any questions you may contact our help desk using the link provided below.

  • You will receive an email with your Administrator Login to Ministry Mobilizer. Login and create your own additional login accounts and setup your email notifications (login accounts are for your staff only; your applicants will NOT need to login to complete their online forms).

  • The email will contain your Ministry Mobilizer “web-link” that you will email your applicants or post on your ministry website. Instruct your applicants to click on the “web-link” and complete the forms online.

  • The applicant will complete the screening questionnaire and authorization for background check. If your applicant does not have internet access you may get a signed authorization from the applicant and manually enter the applicant into Ministry Mobilizer to order a background check.

  • You will get an email notification that an applicant has completed their forms online. Login to review the completed forms and order background checks.

  • Please allow up to 72 hours for completed background reports.

Please contact the Protect My Ministry with any questions.