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When I try to submit my applicant, it says “Oops, it seems that this applicant’s information has already been entered.” How do I proceed?

It appears you entered the applicant into the system, but did not complete the applicant’s background check order. To continue with the ordering process, you must go back to the “Background Checks” menu and select “New Order” to re-enter their information. Once you do so, the system will tell you the applicant is already in the system. Simply click “Continue With New Applicant” from this point to proceed to the package selection screen. Complete all the steps to confirm the order. At the end of the process, the system will prompt you to “Submit For Background Check.” Once you do that, you will be taken back to the “New Applicant Detail” page and your applicant will be in the “Pending” section of your Background Checks menu. This is how you will know you have successfully placed the order.

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