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Why Use Social Security Numbers?

It is quite possible that you may have encountered a candidate who is not comfortable with turning over his/her Social Security Number (SSN) for a background check. Here at Protect My Ministry, clients are commonly faced with candidates questioning the need for their SSN’s to be provided. If you were in the position of those candidates, you might have questions as well. However, the SSN is an important part of the background screening process.

The SSN search validates the SSN that a particular candidate provides. Therefore, SSN search is vital to verifying the identity of an individual, alias names, and any previous addresses. All alias surnames found are searched on the national database and sex offender registries, in conjunction with the name provided by the applicant.

This additional information provided by the SSN search assists in producing a much more accurate background screening. Supplying additional names, date of birth, and previous addresses that the candidate may not have originally disclosed, the SSN search can eliminate risk and liability within your organization.

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