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Why Accuracy Matters Most in Background Screening

There are a lot of reasons why companies want to run background checks on employees, volunteers and other staff.

  • workplace safety
  • liability
  • honesty
  • compliance
  • protect confidential information

There is an equal of amount of qualities companies look for when sourcing potential screening firms.

  • quick results
  • comprehensive searches
  • paperless solutions
  • cost effective programs
  • accuracy

This last point – accuracy – is often over looked when researching screening firms, but it is one of, if not the, most important element in a successful Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). Because, honestly, .

Protect My Ministry has developed one of the most accurate background check systems in all of the screening industry. Our client roster of thousands of ministries prove that we’re doing something right. Protect My Ministry is one of the only background check companies that will do low-cost “re-verification” of records from the national criminal database for a volunteer, and to also do a “true” 50 state search on sexual offenders.

Protect My Ministry background checks are performed on secure sites and the online systems are tucked away in secure servers and locations with offsite backups. Protect My Ministry is a Christian-owned and operated business, being 51% business and 49% ministry. This business was started as the co-owners noticed that churches were not fully aware of the best sources for background checks or truly what they were getting.

Why Do Errors Happen?

As much as we try to mitigate the chances of errors happening, the fact is that mistakes DO occur in the background check process. What’s important is that if an error is uncovered everyone works together to correct the information and not get caught in the blame game. Here’s some of the most common mistakes.

Misinformation – We’re talking about basic information like your name or birthdate or Social Security Number getting misread, misreported, or misinterpreted from the get-go. This can happen because of sloppy handwriting, number transposition, or any other honest human mistake. That’s the point to remember with this mistake – it’s human in its origin and a machine (computer databases) will only turn out the information that humans put in it. If it’s incorrect from the start, the results will be wrong, too.

Common Name – John Smith. Dave Johnson. Mary David. If you have a common name, a search will turn up tons of results and only one of them will actually be you. It’s easy to see how mistakes happen here. That’s why it’s imperative if you have a common name, you give as much specific information as possible if you have authorized an employer to run a background check.

Identity Theft – Sometimes you won’t even know you’re a victim until the search results come back with unfavorable information. It stinks but it happens. Just ask Jason Bateman.


Law Mixups – Every state is entitled to enact laws to protect job seekers beyond the federal statutes already in place. Problems arise when the folks conducting the background checks (this could be anyone from off-shored screening agencies to in-house Human Resources departments) aren’t familiar with each state’s laws and end up looking at information they shouldn’t be privy to.

The PMM Difference

One of our goals has always been to provide our ministry clients a reliable, trustworthy product that reduces their burden during the screening process. Our online, paperless background check software solution, Ministry Mobilizer, is a game changer. It drastically reduces the likelihood of human error after the initial setup and the fully integrated and legal online application and background authorization form captures volunteer applications from your website which reduces paperwork, lowers your screening program operating costs, and most of all, IMPROVES ACCURACY!



What are some of the most important qualities you look for in a screening agency? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a comment below or Tweet us here!