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Instant Background Checks

Frequently, the subject of “instant background checks” is seen in advertisements for background screening companies. You may have seen these ads; if you are a client of Protect My Ministry, you may have even wondered why at times your screening order takes some additional time. The idea of instant results in today’s fast paced society can be very enticing. Truly accurate and reliable results available in every investigation would be a great asset to any organization. However, an instant and accurate result in a background screening investigation is often not possible.

It is possible that you as a client of Protect My Ministry have received instant results on a number of your orders. There is a common factor with these reports; each of these would have been marked as “No Record” and returned with no criminal history. This is the result that you were probably hoping for, but “No Record” is not always the result that is found. It is in these reports that we implement a process called Re-Verification.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), consumer reporting agencies (background check companies) are not permitted to provide an end user (you as a client) with raw data. To put it simply, if the company searches a candidate named JOHN SMITH with the date of birth 01/01/1975, it cannot report to you as a client all of the records associated with that name and date of birth. This is great for you as the end user, as it requires consumer reporting agencies to provide you with a report that has truly been researched and finalized as the most accurate report possible by eliminating records that do not actually belong to your candidate.

Most background screening companies charge $12 to $14 to re-verify positive records from the national database, plus additional court fees. Protect My Ministry does this for you at a fraction of the cost and provides the most accurate results the first time.

Protect My Ministry is continually striving toward being the most credible source in the background screening industry. Please take time to view our online resources explaining the Re-Verification process in depth. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.