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Are You Ordering The Correct Search

Here at Protect My Ministry, we do all that we can to assist our clients in making the screening process simple and stress-free. We understand that there may be a number of screening providers that claim to have and attempt to offer the same level in quality when it comes to client services. However, we have rarely found a consumer reporting agency that has gone to the extent Protect My Ministry has to assure that our clients are also ordering accurate searches. It is not just a waste of time and funds for our clients to purchase searches that are not going to retrieve accurate results, but a danger to all involved with our clients’ organizations.

While navigating through your account online with Protect My Ministry, you can find links to our recommendations page in multiple locations. However, knowing that time is valuable and searching for our recommendation while trying to process an order may be inconvenient. Protect My Ministry’s  Ministry Mobilizer will automatically give you a recommendation while you are placing your order.


This recommendation is based upon the current address (specifically, zip code) provided for the selected applicant. By clicking on the “here” link, you will be taken to our full recommendation page. Here you will find a more in-depth explanation for why we have made this recommendation.


Reviewing this resource can prove to be a great tool in the ordering process. It helps you to understand the reporting of criminal data not only in your state, but in all states nationwide.

Protect My Ministry will always strive to be the most credible source in the background screening industry. If you would like to take a closer look at our recommendations page, please follow the link provided below. Please contact our client services department if you have questions regarding our recommendations, or if you require assistance in any way.

Online Recommendation Page

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