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On average, 40% of churches pick the wrong screening product potentially missing critical data that could endanger your most vulnerable members.

Are you doing enough to protect your ministry?

Find out by grabbing your FREE step-by-step guide Background Check Blueprint

Inside, you'll learn:

How to comply with both the federal nondiscrimination laws and the FCRA

  • What your obligations are and the rights of staff and volunteers
  • The differences between background checks
  • How to choose the best screening service for your church
  • More helpful information

Your church is so much more than a typical organization—protect it like family with superior background screening services

Background Checks Are the First Step of Many:

Check Define protocols and processes designed to indicate which background check is right for each applicant based on information, behavior or role at the church.
Check Rescreen all volunteers and staff at a minimum of once per year; leverage an integrated system to ensure records and compliance are up-to-date.
Check If the applicant is coming from another state, conduct a background check that queries the previous address.