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Wesleyan Church

Welcome Wesleyan Churches and Schools!

Protect My Ministry is a Wesleyan National Contract Provider offering reduced pricing for employment and volunteer background screening services. In order to implement proper risk management practices for protecting the church, children and youth, a background screening for every staff and volunteer person should include a criminal background check. Churches are encouraged to download and review the following Official Wesleyan Guidelines for Child Protection.

Background Checks - Discount Packages

  • Plus Package - Same as Basic, plus (1) County or Statewide Criminal Court Search (plus mandatory court fees).  See our consultation map for states that recommend this package.
  • 7-Year Auto Package - Same as Plus with a 7-year unlimited county search based on the past 7 years of address history.

Ministry Mobilizer - Subscription Options ($150 discount for life)

  • Bundle 1 - Free (normally $149) - Applicants can not apply online. Includes online, video-based Child Safety Training.
  • Bundle 2 - $149 per year (normally $299) - Applicants have the option to apply and (optional) pay for their checks online.
  • Bundle 3 - $449 per year (normally $599) - Applicants can apply online and create a custom application form.
  • Bundle 4 - $849 per year (normally $999) - Applicants can apply online. Create unlimited departments, forms, and opportunities. Organize users and volunteer profiles by department.