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Maximize Your Safeguards with Monthly Monitoring

Monthly Monitoring from Protect My Ministry is an FCRA-compliant, ongoing monitoring tool that equips churches to consistently monitor their background checked employees and volunteers on a more frequent basis.

With our ongoing monitoring service, it's easier than ever before to fill the gap between lengthy re-screens. The best part? It’s an affordable way to maximize the safeguards that protect your ministry.

Don't Put Your Children Or Organization At Risk!

How does Monthly Monitoring work?

  • The applicant is automatically screened through a national criminal and sex offender database once a month.
  • At the time of the monthly screen, if new offenses are discovered, we re-verify the potential new and adverse information.
  • Next, we compile an updated consumer report for any reportable findings.
How It Works

Did you know…

  • 36% of Americans say a scandal would make them lose trust in an organization
  • According to a Twitter poll, an unsafe children’s area is the 3rd reason people don’t return to church
  • More money is stolen from churches annually than is spent on missionary work

What are the benefits of continual monitoring?

  • Learn crucial information about staff and volunteers quickly
  • Create a culture of trust and transparency within your community
  • Keep children, volunteers, staff and visitors safe from harm
  • Protect your church’s invaluable reputation
  • Deter sex offenders and criminals from volunteering and working at your church
  • Provide additional safeguards beyond initial and annual background checks
Benefits of Monitoring

Don’t let bad actors slip through the cracks

The work your church does within your community, and around the globe, is simply too important to be jeopardized by criminals, sex offenders, and other bad actors.

Stay in the know with Monthly Monitoring from Protect My Ministry and make informed decisions about staff and volunteers. This way, you create a space that’s safe and secure for children, staff, church members and visitors.