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Defend Religious Liberty

Churches in the United States are coming under increasing legal scrutiny. Opponents of religious freedom have asserted themselves in the culture and the courts to pressure churches into changing doctrines, particularly those regarding human sexuality. Several recent cases have demonstrated the urgency of the situation.


Helping You

Fortunately, the Alliance Defending Freedom Church Alliance (ADF Church Alliance) is standing up to these legal challenges and representing churches and individuals who are otherwise left without a defense. With more than 24 years of experience, Alliance Defending Freedom is a strong defender of religious liberty. Now, through ADF Church Alliance membership, churches are provided with even more practical and focused legal help. Also, when you join ADF, you become a part of the larger network that is the alliance.

  • 3,000 Allied Attorneys
  • 300 Allied Organizations
  • Played various roles in 52 U.S. Supreme Court Victories

Become an ADF Church Alliance Member Today

Churches of all sizes and denominations are ADF Church Alliance members. The affordable pricing structure is based on the church’s attendance, and there is an annual plan discount.

Benefits of ADF Church Alliance Membership:

  • Legal review of bylaws and policies related to protecting religious liberty
  • Legal representation in cases involving your church’s religious liberty
  • Direct access to attorneys to answer your questions about protecting your church’s religious liberty
  • Consultation for legal issues involving your church’s religious liberty
  • Specialized resources tailored to protect religious liberty

Protect My Ministry Endorses the ADF Church Alliance

Protect My Ministry encourages you to prayerfully consider joining the ADF Church Alliance. Our organization and employees have supported this ministry for many years.

Please visit ADF Church Alliance for more information about its efforts to defend religious freedom and additional details about the benefits of membership.

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